Disney Travel

So many of you love or just like Disney alot, but it costs a lot to go so you can save up change or money or something. Or maybe find some antique and sell it perhaps. But if you can’t don’t worry there is better times to go that aren’t hot or to cold. If you want to go when it’s not to hot I suggest in the spring, when it’s cold too. But if you would like to know more about when to go then go to MouseEars.com. There is just to much to choose from there in the DisneyParks but sometimes there is 50% off discounts for tickets. But if you really want to go to one of the DisneyParks but it seems you can’t keeping trying, keep looking, keeping searching, and keep doing it!


Writing Stories

So if you want to write stories go ahead nothing can’t won’t hit you when you do. You need a plot, the main Event in the story. Also, a conflict the problem the character faces in the story. You could write about something you like or about something funny! But if you don’t want to do that it’s ok! But if you rather write your own thing it’s fine with me. But if you write keep doing it!

My Pet Mouse :D

So my pet mouse, Ben, is very funny!
He would crawl on you and nibble your fingers. He sometimes “Squeaks” on you too. He is very curious and spassy.
He is an awesome pet mousey!
We had found him because our cat, Paul, was poking at something we went and looked and it was a mouse! He was squeaking and squeaking and all Paul did was poke him. We took him inside and put him in a small box and put a heater under him. We had put cotton on top of him and a towel on top. When I had found out we had a mouse I was excited, I had always wanted a pet mousey. We couldn’t decide to keep him, but we decided to any way!